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1 oz 999 Fine Copper Ingot  

The AK-47 has come to represent resistance against superior power throughout much of the world. It is a symbol of revolution and defiance - freedom for the commoner from suppression. Its widespread manufacture and cheap production cost has placed it in the hands of resistance movement fighters worldwide.


It is an image that inspires hope - hope that is galvanized by victories past, of freedom fighters from conflicts long ago and continents far away.


Kalashnikov’s rifle has moved beyond its original functionality as simply a weapon and has become equally powerful for its inspirational qualities. It represents ultimate victory against long odds, despite great adversity, and has been commemorating a myriad of national symbols. Coats of arms, flags, and national monuments spanning the globe are adorned with the AK-47 – this symbolism certainly projecting far beyond what Kalashnikov had envisioned in 1947.

Skull and crossbones are on the reverse.


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