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Coinage of the Apocalypse.

Obverse:  Artist and Painting

Reverse: Image of Morgan Dollar. Inscription: E Pluribis Unum “Out of Many – One.”.


Designed in bas relief by the legendary Russian artist, Roman Booteen . *Newly Minted* Each coin is approximately the size and weight of a Constitutional Silver Dollar - the inspiration behind every unique piece.


Fantasy Coin Shop provides its customers with a wide assortment of hobo coins, challenge coins, good luck coins, collectable coins, flipping coins, fantasy art coins, novelty coins, dragon coins and skeleton coins.


SKU: 328763
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. Return payment is provided once the values are returned via buyer's expense.

  • USPS First Class Parcel - $5.50 Flat Rate.

    Sorry, my international friends, I only ship within the U.S.


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