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Coinage of the Apocalypse.

Obverse: Brute Minder with Hammer. Inscription: E Pluribis Unum “Out of Many – One.”
Reverse: Features a bald eagle clutching an olive branch in one talon and a bundle of arrows in the other. Surrounding the eagle is "United States of America", "One Dollar" and "In God We Trust."


Designed in bas relief by the legendary Russian artist, Roman Booteen . *Newly Minted* Each coin is approximately the size and weight of a Constitutional Silver Dollar - the inspiration behind every unique piece.


Fantasy Coin Shop provides its customers with a wide assortment of hobo coins, challenge coins, good luck coins, collectable coins, flipping coins, fantasy art coins, novelty coins, dragon coins and skeleton coins.

Brute Minder

SKU: 65290
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. Return payment is provided once the values are returned via buyer's expense.

  • USPS First Class Parcel - $5.50 Flat Rate.  

    Sorry, my international friends, I only ship within the U.S.


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