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The Trivium message signifies the use of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric to not only find truth, but to follow it. Lady Grammar, on the left, listens to all and follows none. Lady Logic, in the middle, uses her mind free from mental and physical shackles. Lady Rhetoric, on the right, is free and heralds a new consciousness free of fear and ignorance.

The reverse features the sword emblem commonly found on the Silver Shield minted coins.


Heidi Wastweet is a sculptor who specializes in bas-relief sculpture ranging from cast or struck coins/medals to public art monuments. Worldwide she has produced well over 1000 coins and medals for private mints since 1987.


Fantasy Coin Shop provides its customers with a wide assortment of hobo coins, challenge coins, good luck coins, collectable coins, flipping coins, fantasy art coins, novelty coins, dragon coins and skeleton coins.

Trivium Girls

SKU: 355578
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. Return payment is provided once the values are returned via buyer's expense.

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